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What is the way ahead???

November 18, 2008 by mickprest · No Comments · Uncategorized

I have been doing a lot of reading (Julia Aitken, Jamie McKenzie and Mark Treadwell for three) as I try to get my head around just what is the best way to respond to the needs of schools as we attempt to respond to today’s learners and today’s (or should that be tomorrow’s?) issues. At this point this will probably be something of a ramble but it might help me to move along a bit.

“We have a long way to go…the steamroller is coming, and we can hear it now. We were way ahead of it before, but now it’s closing in on us…This change is way bigger than all of us. Technology is going to change it. This will happen. The change will happen.”   George Lucas

Some of the things rolling around inside my head:

  • It must come from the values out. We have to work out why we have school and what it’s purpose is and move out from there.
  • this has to happen at the school level (leadership!?) it can’t be pushed “down”
  • nothing will happen unless teachers become “lifelong learners” themselves and this means belonging to a professional learning community (I share these with people I don’t actually work with, hardly any with those I actually work with!)
        • “online” meetings
        • Skypelike stuff
  • the importance of an online Learning Environment (OLE) – myinternet for us – {we have to find something better!}
  • bandwidth is crucial
  • enquiry based learning has to be better understood and used
  • classroom structures and patterns
  • basic skills and confidence
          • how to use my laptop
          • a good way to do something in class
          • knowing what is available
  • sharing best practice
  • genuine assessment and feedback is essential for learning.

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